Ingo Schaer is a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur based in the Metro Atlanta area. He is dedicated to helping others achieve financial independence through real estate investing and other strategies.

Ingo began his career in real estate with a strong desire to achieve financial freedom. He quickly realized that to achieve this goal, he needed to diversify his income streams. He began by learning and applying various investment strategies, such as flipping properties, staking crypto and rental income, to his portfolio. He also made a point to add at least 2-3 income streams to his portfolio every year.

Through his hard work and dedication, Ingo has achieved financial independence and has become a respected figure in the local real estate market. He is known for his ability to identify profitable investment opportunities and has built a reputation as a trusted and reliable professional in the industry. Ingo is also a mentor and coach to many aspiring real estate investors, who follow his teachings and strategies to achieve their own financial goals.

Ingo's passion for real estate investing and financial independence is evident in everything he does. He is dedicated to helping others achieve their financial goals and is constantly looking for new ways to improve and grow his portfolio. His drive and determination have made him a leader in the real estate industry and a role model for others looking to achieve financial success through real estate investing.

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My Books

From Dreams to Financial Freedom: My Journey and How You Can Achieve It Too

"Financial Independence: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Financial Freedom" is a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to take control of your finances and achieve financial independence. This ebook covers a wide range of topics, including budgeting, saving, investing, debt management, building passive income streams, entrepreneurship, and the millionaire mindset.

In the Introduction, you will learn about the definition of financial independence and the benefits of achieving it, as well as setting financial goals. In Section II, you will learn about the importance of budgeting and how to create a budget that works for you. You will also learn tips for sticking to your budget.

Section III covers saving, including the different types of savings accounts and strategies for saving more money. You will also learn about understanding and avoiding high fees. In Section IV, you will learn about the importance of investing and different types of investments, including real estate investing and short-term rental investing, and strategies for starting to invest.

Section V covers debt management and strategies for paying off debt and building good credit. In Section VI, you will learn about building passive income streams, including the definition and types of passive income, how to start building passive income streams, the power of infinite banking, the power of staking crypto, the power of real estate syndication, and the power of affiliate marketing.

In Section VII, you will learn about the potential for financial independence through entrepreneurship, including starting a business with a small budget and profitable business ideas for new entrepreneurs. In Section VIII, you will learn about the millionaire mindset and the importance of discipline and consistency in financial success. Finally, in Section IX, you will learn about the importance of living an unconventional life and traveling the world for less using credit cards.

The book concludes with a recap of key points and encouragement to start your journey towards financial independence. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to take control of their finances and achieve financial freedom.

Money Saving Hacks for Homeowners

Market Meltdown

Out-of-State Rentals

Cha-Ching Confidential

Delve into the world of financial crashes and their global significance. Explore historical examples, economic indicators, and government policies that contribute to crashes. Unravel the stages, causes, and consequences of these events, while examining systemic factors and their impact on individuals, businesses, and economies. Analyze government interventions, recovery processes, and the future of financial stability. Gain valuable lessons for investors and policymakers, guiding them to manage risks and foster stability in volatile markets.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for teens on mastering finances. We'll start by defining income for teenagers, exploring various income sources, and emphasizing the value of earning over receiving. Next, we'll tackle the vital skill of distinguishing between needs and wants and how your choices impact your financial health. We'll guide you through the process of setting up your first savings account and building a savings habit. Budgeting won't be boring as we introduce you to creating effective budgets and handy tools. You'll also learn the basics of investing, managing debt responsibly, and setting financial goals. By the end, you'll be equipped to make smart money moves, shaping your financial future.

Explore the benefits of out-of-state rentals and multi-family properties, and learn how to choose lucrative markets. Get insights into remote management, financing options, and minimizing risks. Real-life case studies and success stories inspire your journey. Achieve financial growth and success through strategic investing.

“Welcome to ‘Smart Homeowner Savings: A Guide to Maximizing Your Finances.’ In this book, we’ll emphasize the importance of saving for homeowners and provide insider tips to optimize your financial well-being. We’ll help you understand your homeowner expenses, reduce energy costs, make cost-effective home upgrades, tackle DIY maintenance, master budgeting, and maximize your insurance and tax benefits. You’ll also discover creative ways to generate extra income from your home, and we’ll guide you in long-term financial planning and investment. In conclusion, we encourage you to take immediate action and reap the long-term benefits of financial discipline as a homeowner.”

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